The answer to “Can it be done?” is a resounding, “Yes.”

Gazelle Incorporated can work with your company to create an online system that streamlines your in-house processes and enhances your communication with your customers or members and the public. We are experienced in developing integrated online systems that allow organizations to connect their data and eliminate duplicate entry, human error, and endless data manipulation.

  • Maybe you want to keep track of your employees and the hours they work. Each employee can receive their own login information and login to your system to document their hours. Periodically then, you can run reports on these hours and their documentation and have the data analyzed for payroll purposes or scheduling purposes.
  • Maybe you want to be able to enter items on a calendar and have some items display on your website for the public, others display only to logged in members or employess and others only for you to see. When marked events on your calendar are nearing, you may want reminders to appear publicly or privately to logged-in users.
  • Maybe you want your members to maintain their information such as address, phone number, or any other information pertinent to your organization so that you always have an up-to-date version of everyone’s records and can either search for a member’s information or run a report of all members’ information for publication or in-house purposes.
  • Maybe you want to get into the e-commerce business. Or maybe you want to allow your members to register online and pay their fees with a credit card. Gazelle, Inc. can make this happen for you.

Gazelle, Incorporated’s services include but are not limited to:

Website Design & Creation
This includes Domain Name selection & registration, E-mail address setup, hosting, etc.
Website Re-Design or Enhancement
We can work with your existing domain name and/or web-hosting plan OR keep your domain name but setup a new web-hosting plan, depending on your preference.
Website Administration Tools
This includes but is not limited to site content management, database management, listserves, photo galleries, visitor reports, etc.
Database Installation & Database Structure Design
There are many reasons for a database: you may wish to store and/or display customer or member data, inventory data, or other categories of data related to your company or organization. We can help you organize this data and give you the tools to maintain it and manipulate it.
Online Form Creation
Often forms on your website are connected to your database. You may want a simple customer satisfaction survey. Or you may want a system for members including login, profile management, application forms, etc. We can build single forms or multiple forms connected to the same data, depending on your needs.
Custom E-Commerce Shop Implementation
Message Board Installation

Your unique needs are a welcome challenge. We are here to make your website work for you!

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